1. AFA Indiana State

Mission and Objectives: 
Provide support and guidance to our five AFA Indiana Chapters.
Our next State Meeting  will be held at the McKenzie Center (Room #161) 7250 E 75th St, Indianapolis IN 46256.  Meeting start at 10:00 AM.  Park in front of the building and enter through door #1 by the flagpole.
Next Meeting will be on May 18th, 2019 (Saturday).


Members of the Year
Congratulations to Bob Tate (Central Indiana), our Member of the Year for 2016.
Special Recognition goes out to Herold Henke, our Director Emeritus, and a member of AFA since 1947 who passed away in 2016.

1998 Harold Henke
1999 Mark Oliphant
2000 Al & Marge Feeback
2001 Lyle Marshand
2002 Ted Huff
2003 Jim Fultz
2004 Bill Howard
2005 Bill Grider
2006 Bob Reardon
2007 Mike Malast
2008 Harold Henke
2009 Tom Eisenhuth
2010 Bill Grider
2011 Jim Fultz
2012 Mil Compo
2013 Chuck E. Hassel
2014 Paul Lyons
2015 Craig Spanburg
2016 Bob Tate

In memory of our key members who have passed away:

Harrold Henneke 2016, Chapter 348 Bloomington, Mark "Red" Oliphant 2014 Chapter 348 Bloomington,
Jim Fultz  2013  Chapter 348 Bloomington

Air Force Association (AFA) Indiana sponsored a special AFA Hoosier Recognition Banquet on March 23rd, 2013.  Our Guest Speaker was Craig  McKinley, then President of the Air Force Association.

We then recognized the following individuals in 2013 for their distinguished service to the AFA:

·         Harold Henneke  (deceased)           Southern Indiana Chapter

·         Tom Eisenhuth                                   Fort Wayne Chapter

·         Jim Fultz  (deceased)                         Southern Indiana Chapter

·         Bill Grider                                            Grissom Memorial Chapter

·         Bill Howard                                         Fort Wayne Chapter




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 Key Contacts

Craig Spanburg, President

Frank Merrill, VP Aerospace Education

Bill Howard, Treasurer
Mil Compo, Communications
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