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B. Indiana Legislative 2019 Goals

2017 and 2018 Legislative GOALS

 Please provide your input on these issues to me - mecompo@gmail.com.

Rank these items with the following Scale


1.   Forget about it.

2.   Clearly does not apply to me or my family

3.   Does not seem that important to me

4.   Need to know more about it

5.   Could be a worthwhile goal

6.   I will lend my support to the Chapter Advocacy Representative

7.   I will contact both my legislative representative to support this goal

8.   In addition to 8, I’ll write a “Letter to the Editor” supporting this goal

9.   I ‘ll work with other Veterans to try to make this goal happen

10.  I will do what ever it takes to make sure this goal gets to the Governor’s Signature


Item 1.              Providing an Active and Reserve Component hiring preference for state employment


Item 2.              Expanding the eligibility to access the Military Family Relief Fund to all Indiana qualified veterans from all periods

 Item 3.              Require Indiana funeral homes to comply with the “Missing in America Project” that ensures respectful and honorable disposition of Veteran cremated remains abandoned in Indiana f uneral homes


Item 4.              Establish the def inition of a Hoosier Veteran.


Item 5.              County service officers, city service officers, and assistants’ requirement.


Item 6.              Removing the property value limitation for a disabled vet to receive a property tax reduction. 

Item 7. ______The Indiana Veteran Recovery Program (IVRP)

Item 8.              Provide Veterans Driver’s License, Honorary Surviving Spouse of Veterans Driver’s License, or Veteran ID Cards    issued without charge.


Item 9.              Provide remission of post secondary school fees for dependents of disabled veterans.


Item 10.            Codify in Indiana Code the permanent position and funding for the woman’s veterans coordinator.

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