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A. How to Advocate

How to find out who your legislators are:  Search this link.



What you can do to help advocate for legislative programs which help the military and veterans – as well as their dependents.

 Be informed!  Know what legislative programs are being proposed.  Read your newsletters, look at relevant Emails sent to you and go to your websites, such as AFA Indiana (www.AFAIn.org) to review programs.  For State of Indiana legislative programs, go to Military/ Veterans Coalition of Indiana website (www.inmilcoal.org) to see what is on the upcoming agenda.      

                           Then advocate in the following ways:

1.          Go to Community Events and speak up.  Leave any relevant materials at the session for these events and the Town Hall Meetings.
2.          Attend Town Hall Meetings - make your voice heard
3.          For Indiana legislation, attend Committee meetings if all possible
4.          Make phone calls. (If you can get a meeting set up with one of your legislators or their aides to discuss issues pending legislation. This is a normally difficult to accomplish, but         it         doesn’t hurt to try.)
5.         Send letters to your representatives (normally more effective than Emails).  Personalize your letters and Emails as much as possible.  Tell them who you are and what you do.
6.         Send Emails to your representative.  Again customize the content.

Call your Veteran or Military organizations leadership if you need help or clarification of any issues.  We are happy to assist.

Mil Compo,
Mar 25, 2016, 6:57 AM