Interested in Joining AFA

Why Join AFA?

Join AFA to promote Aerospace Power!
Join AFA to support a strong national defense!
Join AFA to support Air Force people!

Join AFA for the fellowship of belonging to the professional organization that represents the entire Air Force family – enlisted and officer, active duty and retired, Guard, Reserve, and Civilian.

Your membership is needed to support the Air Force Association mission to:

EDUCATE the public on the importance of aerospace power

  • AIR FORCE Magazine is one of the world’s foremost defense publications. AFA members receive a subscription to AIR FORCE Magazine, including the very popular “Air Force Almanac” issue.
  • AFA’s website,, reaches millions of readers around the world.
  • The General Billy Mitchell Institute for Airpower Studies promotes air power initiatives through special publications, media presentations and advocacy efforts.
  • AFA’s annual Air and Space Conference and Technology Exposition provides professional development opportunities to Air Force military and civilian personnel.
  • AFA’s “Next Generation” initiatives reward and recognize those who educate America’s youth and reach more than 250,000 elementary and middle school students each year with math, science and technology activities.
  • AFA provides grants to further aerospace education.

ADVOCATE a strong national defense

  • AFA’s first mission 60 years ago was to advocate the need for the United States Air Force as a separate military service. Since 1946 we remain the “Force Behind the Force” on Capitol Hill and around the country through educational activities focused on air power issues and technology. We actively speak out on issues important to all Airmen – active duty, Guard, Reserve and civilians – and in support of veterans.
  • AFA staff and leadership are guided by AFA’s "Statement of Policy" and "Top Issues"
  • Click here to learn more about AFA’s government relations, legislative achievements and key legislation
  • Click here to view some of AFA’s special reports and to view an AFA membership video

SUPPORT the United States Air Force family

Taking care of our own is the cornerstone of our mission and we accomplish this in many ways, some of which include:

As a member, you receive:

  • A subscription to AIR FORCE Magazine
  • Membership in a local AFA Chapter
  • Use of AFA’s “Contact Congress” feature to voice your opinion to Congress and to support key AFA policies
  • The benefits of the AFA Veteran Benefits Association. (There are a couple of exceptions, see AFAVBA website for full details.)
  • Access to the AFA Online Community for AFA’s membership directory, a permanent AFA e-mail address, yellow pages and message boards.

Please contact any of the AFA Indiana officers  concerning receiving additional information about the AFA and to receive an application for membership.  You do not have to be a prior member of the Air Force to join.  In fact the President of the Great Lakes Region is a dentist from Kokomo (Dr. Bill Grider) with no prior service experience - only the belief that a strong Air Force is vital to the defense and safety of our country.